Company overview


Kum Yang

Kum Yang Co., Ltd - is a Korean manufacturer of a wide range of chemical blowing agents, chemical activators, masterbatches, and flame retardants. The Company was founded in 1955; it has four plants in China and one in the South Korea.


Arkema - is a French chemical company which is one of the world leaders in production of raw polymers, as well as chemical additives.

Sügravo GmbH

Sügravo GmbH - is a German enterprise which is one of the largest manufacturers of printing rollers for wallpaper and printing industries with branches in France, Canada and Russia.


Ahlstrom - is a global company and a leading enterprise in production of high-quality fiber materials for specialized markets worldwide. The company was established 150 years ago and is situated in Helsinki, Finland. Ahlstrom has a distribution network and production facilities in more than 20 countries on five continents.

Dresden Papier

Dresden Papier - is a major German producer of non-woven wallpaper base and vlies paper.


Henkel Group enterprises in the RF - is a group of companies engaged in production of cleaning agents and detergents, cosmetics and personal care products, as well as industrial adhesives and sealing compounds.


ООО «KOF-Palitra» - leading manufacturer of vinyl wall coverings in Russia.


ОАО «Verofarm» - is one of the major pharmaceutical companies in the RF.