Raw materials

Organic peroxides Luperox

FIT Group is an official distributor of Arkema (France) for organic peroxides Luperox. We offer a wide range of different grades of organic peroxides based on the application, both in the pure form and on the carries.

Fields of application:

  • Cable: insulation and semiconductor layers
  • Rubbers: automobile and industrial tubing, profile, sealing;
  • EVA shoes sole, РЕХa sole, pipes and containers;
  • Construction industry: profiles.

Physical properties:

  • Pure product — solid/liquid;
  • Granules 40%, 45% — on the carrier;
  • Powders 40% — on the carrier;
  • Masterbatches 40% — EPM, EVA, PE + carrier.

The most widespread grade for cross-linking of EVA and EPDM is Luperox F 40 which is odourless during the decomposition process.