Raw materials


We supply a wide range of organic and inorganic pigments for coloring of rubbers and plastics.

In the table below you can find the most common colors of organic pigments.

Full shade (5%) Tint (5:95) Color Index Product name
PY-154 Pigment yellow 154
PY-74 Pigment yellow 74
PY-83 Pigment yellow 83
PO-36 Orange 36
PR-170 Pigment red 170
PR-122 Pigment red 122
PV-19 Pigment violet 19
PV-23 Fast violet 23
PB-15:3 Phthalocyanine blue β-modified
PG-7 Phthalocyanine green

Inorganic pigments:

  • Iron oxides (yellow, red, brown and black shades)
  • chrome oxide (green)
  • chromates (yellow) and molybdates (orange)
  • ultramarine (blues and violets)
  • pearlescent pigments