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Impact modifier Tafmer

Tafmer is an alpha-olefin copolymer.

Another name: polyolefin elastomer (POE).

Key product features:

  • High co-monomer content
  • Very low density
  • Low melting point

In other words, Tafmer — the same sort of polymer as normal polyolefin such as PE, PP, BUT it is:

  • Very light
  • Softer/more elastic
  • Easy to melt

Main applications of Tafmer:

FieldApplicationTarget customers
IndustrialTPE compoundCompounders
Wire and cable compound
Compounders and cable makers with in house compounding capability
Foam (shoe sole) compound)
Crosslinked foam producers
Engineering plastic compound
PA compounds producers
PackagingBOPP modificationBOPP makes
Easy-peel filmMultilayer film/sheet producers
CPP modificationCPP producers